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Course Content

App Configurations
  1. Setup a Professional Folder Structure 
  2. Light and Dark theme setup
  3. Create Helper Functions, Constants, and Utility Classes
Login Design
  1. How to create a Splash Screen
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
Login Backend
  1. How to connect with firebase
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
E-Store Design
  1. How to connect with firebase
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
E-Store Backend
  1. How to connect with firebase
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
flutter eCommerce app with firebase as backend 2023 - Flutter eCommerce app complete tutorial with backend

Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of Flutter eCommerce app development. In this course, you will learn how to create a modern and professional Flutter eCommerce app. This course is designed with precision and a keen understanding of modern design aesthetics. This course promises a step-by-step walkthrough—from initial setup to a polished, API-driven backend. 

This thorough guide is designed for beginner/ intermediate or professional developers ensuring you gain the expertise to craft top-tier, professional applications.

Why Choose This Course?

    • Modern and Minimal Design: Understand the principles of user-friendly designs.
    • Light and Dark Themes: Switch and adjust according to user preference.
    • Shared Preferences: Master local data storage for a seamless user experience.
    • Firebase Integration: Explore Firestore for data, Authentication for user management, and Storage for multimedia content.
    • GetX State Management: Maintain app state effortlessly with GetX.
    • Expandable Project Structure: Build scalable and maintainable app architectures.
    • Flutter 3 & Material Design 3: Stay updated with the latest Flutter and design guidelines.
    • Performance Optimization Techniques: Dive into a codebase that’s not just robust for now but primed for future scalability and expansion.
    • Code Efficiency: Learn to craft components that you can repurpose across projects, accelerating your development process.
    • Well-Commented Codebase: Navigate the coding landscape effortlessly with a meticulously commented codebase.

Step in, and let’s commence a journey to redefine your Flutter expertise.

Flutter eCommerce App: Overview of the Application

Let’s delve into the remarkable features of the Flutter eCommerce app we’re about to create. Boasting an aesthetically pleasing design available in both light and dark modes, our application covers every conceivable aspect of a modern eCommerce platform. The user journey commences with captivating splash screens and seamlessly transitions through onboarding animations. The secure login process includes options for email/password, Google, and Facebook authentication.

Main Sections of the Course:

  • App Configuration (Section 1):
    1. Efficient Folder Structures for Large Flutter Apps | Feature-First vs. Module-First Approach
    2. Professional Setup of a Theme in Flutter | Light and Dark theme Flutter
    3. Mastering Flutter: Essential Utilities, Helper Functions, Constants
  • Login Design (Section 2):
    1. Flutter Splash Screen Tutorial | Splash Screen Design UI
    2. Flutter Onboarding Screen
    3. Login Page in Flutter tutorial | Flutter Login Page UI
    4. Flutter Signup Page Design | Flutter Registration Page UI
    5. Flutter Email Verification Screen | Flutter Success Screen Design
    6. Flutter Forgot Password UI | Flutter Reset Screen Design
  • E-Commerce App Design (Section 3):
    1. Bottom Navigation Bar in Flutter
    2. Flutter Clip Path Tutorial | Custom Shape
    3. Flutter Custom AppBar Design | Reusable AppBar Flutter
    4. Search Bar and Horizontal ListView builder Categories in Flutter
    5. Flutter Carousel Slider with Dots
    6. Gridview in Flutter with Product Card Design
    7. Store Screen Design using Appbar, Tab Layout, Search, Nested Scroll View, and Featured Brand Cards
    8. TabBar in Flutter with Scrolling Categories
    9. Favorite Product Screen | Wishlist Screen in Flutter
    10. Flutter Account Settings Screen UI
    11. Flutter Profile Screen UI
    12. Flutter Product Detail Page UI, Image Carousel, Variations and Reviews
    13. Flutter Ratings and Reviews Screen
    14. Flutter Addresses Screen
    15. Flutter Shopping Cart Screen
    16. Flutter Checkout Page
    17. Flutter Orders Page
    18. Flutter Sub Categories | Product Card using Horizontal ListView builder
    19. All Products Page
    20. Flutter Shops/Brands Screen using GridView
  • Login Backend (Section 4):
  • E-Commerce Backend (Section 5):

    Flutter eCommerce App: Features

      1. Efficient Folder Structure: A meticulously organized folder structure simplifies navigation and keeps your codebase clean, enhancing collaboration and accelerating development.
      2. Utility Files: Pre-built utility files for common functions like network requests and data parsing, saving time and effort.
      3. Constants: A central repository for color constants, sizes, texts, and image assets ensures design consistency and simplifies global changes.
      4. Device Utility Classes: Responsive design support adapts the layout and styling based on device orientation and screen sizes.
      5. Helper Classes: Helper classes for tasks like date formatting and data validation simplify complex operations and promote code reusability.
      6. Localization Support: Integration for translating your app into multiple languages, expanding your app’s reach.
      7. Error Handling and Logging: Robust error handling and logging utilities assist in debugging and maintaining a stable application.
      8. Theme Design: Light and dark mode theming to maintain a consistent and visually appealing user experience.
      9. Product Vertical and Horizontal Card Designs: Engaging product card layouts for a captivating shopping experience
      10. Grid Layout: Efficiently display products in a grid format.
      11. Profile Screens: Manage user accounts and personalize experiences.
      12. Favorites: Allow users to save and manage their favorite products.
      13. Single and Variable Products: Support for different product types
      14. Cart, Checkout, Addresses, Payment Types, and Orders: Streamline the shopping process from cart management to order tracking.
      15. Categories and subcategories: Organize products logically for better user navigation.


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