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Course Content

App Configurations
Login Design
  1. How to create a Splash Screen
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
Login Backend
  1. How to connect with firebase
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
E-Store Design
  1. How to connect with firebase
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
E-Store Backend
  1. How to connect with firebase
  2. How to create an Onboarding Screen
  3. How to create Login Screen
Flutter Login App UI Source Code - Flutter Complete App - Flutter App Design - Flutter App 2023 - Complete Flutter App 2023

In this course you will learn how to create a modern and professional Flutter Ecommerce application. This course is designed with precision and a keen understanding of modern design aesthetics, this course promises a step-by-step walkthrough—from initial setup to a polished, API-driven backend. After completing this course you will be able to create your own professional flutter application.

This thorough guide is designed for beginner/ intermediate or professional developers ensuring you gain the expertise to craft top-tier, professional applications.

Why Choose This Course?

    • Contemporary Design Approach: Grasp the nuances of cutting-edge UI/UX, fostering a delightful user experience.
    • Growth-Ready Architecture: Dive into a codebase that’s not just robust for now but primed for future scalability and expansion.
    • A-Z Coverage: From the first line of code to the final deployment-ready app, we’ve got you covered. Every phase, every feature.
    • Code Efficiency: Learn to craft components that you can repurpose across projects, accelerating your development process.
    • Boost Your Portfolio: Stand out in the developer community. Completing this course is not just an achievement; it’s a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Step in, and let’s commence a journey to redefine your Flutter expertise.

Flutter E-commerce App: Dive Deep into 30+ Essential Screens

This Flutter ecommerce app tutorial is your one-stop solution, meticulously covering 21 core screens every modern e-commerce application must possess. From user onboarding to completing a purchase, let’s ensure your app provides a seamless user experience. Here’s what we’ll delve into:

  1. Native Splash Screen: Set the first impression right.
  2. Onboarding Screens: Engage and guide your first-time users.
  3. Login Screen: Seamless and secure access.
  4. Forgot Password Screen: Ensure users can easily recover access.
  5. Register Screen: A user-friendly way to get users onboarded.
  6. Email Verification Screen: Verify authenticity and reduce spam.
  7. Success Account Creation Screen: Celebrate and guide the user’s next steps.
  8. Account Settings Screen: Let users control their preferences.
  9. Profile Screen: Personal space for users to review their info.
  10. Edit Profile Screen: Easy editing of user details.
  11. Home Screen: Display featured products and deals.
  12. Store Screen: A consolidated view of available products.
  13. Categories Screen: Efficiently segment your products.
  14. Sub-categories Screen: Delve deeper into specific product categories.
  15. Brands Screen: Sort and display products by brand.
  16. Product Description Screen: Detailed info on each product.
  17. Reviews Screen: Cultivate trust through user feedback.
  18. Wishlist/Favourite Screen: Let users save products for later.
  19. Cart Screen: Review products before purchase.
  20. Checkout Screen: Smooth, hassle-free transactions.
  21. Order Success Screen: Confirm the purchase.

Flutter E-commerce App Tutorial: Key Features and Functionalities

Embark on a journey to master Flutter e-commerce development with this comprehensive tutorial. We’ll be delving deep into creating a feature-rich app, ensuring you gain both the understanding and the hands-on experience to develop on your own.

Key Features to Learn:

  1. Modern and Minimal Design: Understand the principles of user-friendly designs.
  2. Light and Dark Themes: Switch and adjust according to user preference.
  3. Shared Preferences: Master local data storage for a seamless user experience.
  4. Firebase Integration: Explore Firestore for data, Authentication for user management, and Storage for multimedia content.
  5. GetX State Management: Maintain app state effortlessly with GetX.
  6. Expandable Project Structure: Build scalable and maintainable app architectures.
  7. Flutter 3 & Material Design 3: Stay updated with the latest Flutter and design guidelines.

Hands-on Development of App Functionalities:

  1. Native Splash Screen: Design an initial loading screen that’s both welcoming and brand-centric.
  2. Onboarding Sliders: Construct visually engaging introductions for first-time users to acquaint them with your app.
  3. User Authentication: Master seamless user registration and login through Google and Facebook. Implement a reliable email verification process.
  4. Intuitive Navigation: Learn to build a user-friendly bottom navigation along with a custom app bar tailored for an e-commerce interface.
  5. Advanced Search: Equip your app with powerful search capabilities augmented by precise filters to help users find what they want effortlessly.
  6. Dynamic Banners: Integrate eye-catching sliders that can spotlight promotions, featured products, or any other highlight.
  7. Product Categorization: Build a flexible tab layout for product categories, ensuring a well-organized and easy-to-navigate product display.
  8. Product Display Flexibility: Grasp the methods to showcase products in varied layouts – be it grid style or horizontal scrolling.
  9. Streamlined Shopping: Allow users to add products to their cart from any screen, manage their wishlists by adding or removing favorite items, and handle products with single or multiple variations.
  10. Product Organization: Deep dive into techniques to exhibit products by brands and the hierarchy of categories to subcategories.
  11. Efficient Cart Management: Implement an intuitive design to add or remove products from the cart, ensuring users have full control over their shopping.
  12. Smooth Checkout Process: Guide users from their cart to finalizing their purchase, incorporating address selection, and payment methods.
  13. Order Transparency: Conclude with the creation of a detailed order screen, updating users about their order’s status – from processing to shipment and final delivery.

By integrating these features, you’ll be sculpting a state-of-the-art e-commerce application. With each module, you’re not just coding; you’re crafting an experience, ensuring that users get both functionality and aesthetics. So, let’s kickstart this journey and build an e-commerce masterpiece!

Ready to Elevate Your Skills?

Embark on this journey with us, and watch yourself transition from a Flutter novice to an e-commerce development maestro.

The road ahead is comprehensive, covering every intricate detail of functionality.

Let’s begin this transformative experience together.

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