How To Install WordPress on cPanel


Installing WordPress on any CPanel is just a game of a few minutes. There are a few steps you can follow to install WordPress on any CPanel available in the globe.

Quick Video on how to install WordPress using CPanel

WordPress Installation using CPanel

To Install WordPress on your cPanel follow simple steps below.

  1. Open CPanel .

2. Search for WordPress


3. You can have WordPress on Your Main Page of CPanel

4. If you can not find WordPress up there, just scroll down to the Software section and look for Quick Install or Softaculous and click on it.

5. Once you are in Quick Install or Softaculous page you can have WordPress right in front of you but again if it is not the case.

6. You can have a One-Click Install option in front of you. Just click that and you can easily reach to WordPress directory for installation.

7. Click on WordPress from any of the above mentioned method.

8. Choose your domain on which you want to install your WordPress and click next.


9. Fill out the details in the form by adding your Blog Title, Username, Name and check the box below. Hit enter or next.


10. Wait for the installation to be finished.

how to install WordPress on cPanel namecheap

11. Once installtion is completed you can login to your WordPress website using


12. Enter login Username and Password which is sent to your email you provided while installation or we can also copy it from the installation page.

Types of WordPress

There are two types of WordPress out there. allow you to download WordPress on your local PC or laptop and install it using localhost. Whereas allows you to create your websites, blogs and more by installing WordPress on your cPanel. Check VS complete comparison.

Note: There are some cPanels which have a little bit of different approach. On how to install WordPress using CPanel. If you have any queries related to this post. Please feel free to comment below and I will be on it to help you as much as I can.

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